What to See & Do in Sarasota County

Are you ready to be an ECOseeker? The Suncoast is ready for you. Sarasota County is renowned for spectacular landscapes, extreme wildlife and all sorts of sports and activities. You’ll find the obvious (world-class beaches, fishing, tennis, biking, golf and hiking) along with the not-so obvious (Olympic windsurfing training, adventure racing, geocaching, kiteboarding and even cowboy camping).

Name your interest and you’ll find it here. Well, okay, maybe downhill skiing isn’t a major Florida activity but, believe it or not, we have some of the best mountain climbing outfitters and survival trainers right here in sunny Sarasota County. Find what you need under Gear and Guides.

How many Sarasota treasures have you explored? This is a subtropical playground filled with year-round possibilities for active adventurers and silent wildlife observers alike. Even those “born, raised and retired” here will make new discoveries among the natural lands, attractions, adventures and outfitters listed here.

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